Work Wardrobe, Reimagined

Work Wardrobe, Reimagined

Building a wardrobe for work can feel like an impossible task; or else a boring one. But it doesn’t have to be either. Who says you can’t look chic and feel like yourself while doing the daily grind? I feel like a broken record telling you that my aim is to stock items that are comfortable, versatile and chic, but it’s true! This outfit made me feel so glamorous and confident, yet the elastic waist pant and ponte knit stretch in the blazer made life a breeze. I didn’t worry about special undergarments or eating tiny salads for lunch so a zipper wouldn’t bust. I felt as if I could think more about my meetings and the task at hand since I wasn’t fidgeting with my outfit.

After work, I headed straight to dinner with a friend and felt equally as dressed for the occasion. She complimented me right away, while complaining that she felt frumpy, and bought the pants the next day! I then wore the blazer over shorts with wedges for a weekend party, and the pants to church again on Sunday with one of our ivory crop tops. You truly can build a capsule wardrobe that goes from day to night, work to weekend, as overused as those ideas might sound, we actually help you make it happen!


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 The Percy Pant, Breakers Blazer and Angeleno Tee

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